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iMed Design, inc., is the brainchild of Andrew Johnson, a 25-year veteran of the design, production and animation industries. Offering complete, full service visual design and production services, we specialize in combining high end video production, graphics and animation, special effects and interactive mobile design to deliver professional and effective communication projects.

Check out my Vimeo channel for samples.

We have over 25 years professional experience in all areas of broadcast spot producing, corporate communications, education and training, and special event and venue content creation. Our comprehensive in-house capabilities - from concepting and scriptwriting, through shooting, animation creation and post production - ensures a smooth process and effective vision throughout the project cycle.

Our clients are located all over the country and we've delivered final products for worldwide distribution. Distance is never an issue. We've served as a resource for experienced, high-end producers and advertising agencies, as well as guided managers with absolutely no video experience through the entire creation process.

The markets we've served include:

Medical Marketing Outreach and Patient Education
We've been experienced in producing effective medical outreach and educational titles since our founding. In fact, the "med" in iMed stands for "medical" (Interactive MEDical Design). Through a combination of high production values and a humanistic approach to education design, we've provided numerous medical organizations - from large hospitals to small clinics - with effective communication tools.

Safety Training and Outreach Communications
Our largest body of work for the past several years includes developing critical training projects for emergency responders, hazmat operations and the aviation industry. While once relegated to DVD-only distribution, the content we design and produce is now also deployed online and through immersive mobile technologies such as the iPad.

Corporate Communications
Another core service, we design and produce comprehensive corporate image productions, employee/ HR training and communications projects for internal and external stakeholders, and special event content creation, support and coordination.

Broadcast Spots and Campaigns
We have delivered hundreds of highly effective broadcast commercial and PSA projects - from single local spots to comprehensive national and regional campaigns that are designed to complement existing brands and images. We are also frequently hired to shoot content for national broadcast and cable networks, as well as acquiring local imagery and interviews for corporations and government agencies.

Goverment and Public Service Organizations
Some of our largest projects have included federal, state and local government education, training and public service outreach programs, emergency response training and awareness projects. We have also developed many programs for economic development agencies, chambers of commerce and not-for-profits.

Special Venue, Online and Mobile Content Creation
We've been tapped to design and produce stylized motion content for trade show installations, digital signage, mobile content and start-up screens, viral online movies and visual media creation, unique museum-style public and corporate WOW-room installations.


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