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We believe that client satisfaction is just as important as the final quality of the work. But don't just take our word for it...

“Holy crap - you're a genius!"

Edward Estipona, President
Estipona Group
Reno and Sacramento

“We had the privilege of showing the "21st Century Prime" sketch/video today to 900 Boeing executives.  The reaction was a collective "WOW", and that is probably an understatement.  Conrad and I both received emails, texts, and in-person feedback...and it was all fantastic.  What was also funny; Conrad got an email from one of our executives who was in St. Louis (we're in DC) and she wanted to pass along that she had personally received multiple notes from her team (who were on-site) and she was excited about having the opportunity to see it.

All in all I don't think it could have gone better or been more warmly received.  Your creativity and professionalism was greatly appreciated....and you kept it fun!"

Chris Chadwick, President
Boeing Military Aircraft
St. Louis, MO

“It was three years ago that you began to produce work for Hot August Nights...all of which has been nothing short of stellar. Your work for us in the creation of over-the-top videos of the Event, Sponsorship Promotional and Sales videos, and a very dramatic video for the Hot August Nights Foundation have all been award winning home runs. You have never failed to capture the totality of the tasks we have set before you.

In addition, the work that you have done in the production of videos for our annual news conference represents the envy of the event industry. As you know, I virtually spent my entire career in the marketing and advertising agency business...most of which was in Los Angeles. I have had the opportunity to work with the best in the industry, and I put you at the top of that list. You have helped make our great Event even geaater.

Thank you for your phenomenal creative work and your willingness to always push the envelope to help take us to the next step."

Bruce Walter, CEO
Hot August Nights
Reno, NV

“Above and beyond! Andrew was able to take what normally would have been a low budget project and turn it into an award winning broadcast piece. His creativity helped turn our vision into a reality. All of my experiences with Andy have been a pleasure.”

Travis Bort, Owner/Creative Director
ABC Creative Group
Syracuse, NY

"I've had the pleasure of working with Andy numerous times, and I've been beyond satisfied with every project. Andy provides exceptional work at competetive rates. He is great to work with, keeping in constant communication to ensure the project is done on time and in line with creative expectations. I know I can go to Andy with last minute changes and concerns and he will respond promptly and receptively."

Celeste Dodge, Corporate Communications Manager
Reno, NV

“He’s one of those rare individuals who has an excellence reflex; if something’s not right, he’ll make it good. If something’s good, he’ll look to make it better. He’s also a full package as far as his capabilities and knowledge; he cuts as wide a swatch in skills and technical knowledge as you could hope for in a producer/director/animator. When you get someone like Andy on your team you thank your lucky stars. He, like a few other rare professionals I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with, has that mix of high performance skills, high standards, workhorse ability—he can crank out the work of probably three people—and unquestionable integrity. I don’t have to watch my back or clutch my wallet. Plus, he’s a really good guy. Very easy to work with. Great attitude. Very professional. Not a diva (I’m in L.A.; I know divas).”

Alex Couchman, Owner
Industrial Strength Advertising & Design
Los Angeles

“I have gotten the pleasure of working with Andrew for the past two campaigns. His creativity knows no bounds. When we pitch to him what we’d like to do, and how much budget we have, his response is always, “of course!” On the set, he is a quiet director that knows exactly what he wants. He’s efficient with time and resources. In the editing room, he can really make some magic. If I had my way, I’d work with him, every year.”

Francine Burge, VP Marketing and Communications
Reno Philharmonic Association
Reno, NV

“Andy is one of the most talented and creative professionals that I’ve had the pleasure to work with and his patience and personal drive for excellence are evident in his work. His passion, innovative ability to get the shots, combined with his editing skills result in high quality professional results. Andy is one of those rare & gifted individuals that seamlessly adapts to various situations, easily interacting with a wide range of people regardless of position or status. He is very professional & possesses a good sense of humor, which serves him well. Andy is a good listener, but he’s not afraid to interject and provide great input. He has always exceeded my expectations with the quality of his work, his integrity, and the ability to complete projects on time without headaches. Would I hire him again? In a heartbeat, and I have hired him numerous times over the course of my career working as a Marketing Manager for Carrier Corporation, and Building Products manufacturer US GreenFiber.”

Dan Fitzpatrick, HVAC Division Manager
Meier Supply Company, Inc.
Syracuse, NY

“iMed provides one stop shopping for video production, including writing, producing, videography, directing, editing, etc. Andrew Johnson is great to work with, and excels in these areas: - creativity, quality of work, attention to detail, experience - professional yet relaxed, easy to work with - clients never have to worry about their projects, it's in good hands - usually exceeds client expectations - valued part of the client team I highly recommend Andrew Johnson and iMed Design!”

Dave Archer, CEO
Nevada's Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET)
Reno, NV

“OUTSTANDING! Home Run!!! Thanks again for helping make the best video CHEMTREC has ever had in its toolbox.”

Donna Lepik, Director of Outreach & Special Programs
American Chemistry Council, CHEMTREC
Washington, DC

“You did a wonderful job... I'm so glad we found someone with your talent”

Nicole Maddox, Sr. Marketing Manager
Hot August Nights
Reno, NV

“Andrew and his business partners hired me to design and produce marketing materials for their retail DVD products. I was very impressed with the quality of the videos, and also with Andrew's quality as an artist and businessman. As a creative vendor I work with all types of people — Andrew is right at the top in terms of his professionalism, excellent comments and creative direction. I would have complete confidence in sending my own video or motion graphics work to Andrew.”

David Wright, President/Creative Director
IDU Creative Services
Rochester, NY

"We are beside ourselves with the television spots. Every time we watch them, we get, there is no better word, GIDDY. These spots surpassed our expectations and we couldn't be happier. They are fun, exciting, fit the theme of the campaign, and will make TV viewers sit up and take notice. The fact that they came in under budget and on time is just icing on the cake. Thanks for being flexible with us to make all this work. We can't wait to work with you again!"

Francine Burge, Marketing Director
Reno Philharmonic

“Andy knocked it out of the park on a TV commercial he shot for one of our clients. The budget was tight and the concept was involved. He realized my vision perfectly and delivered a better than expected commercial on time and on budget. My client loves him, too!”

Paige Galeoto, Creative Director
Estipona Group
Reno, NV

"You have done a great job for us on this project and have been very easy to work with. I appreciate all your efforts. Do not hesitate to use us as a reference for any future work. I feel like you went above and beyond in your understanding and accommodation of the way a committee works. In the end we have a product CI can be proud."

Frank Reiner, Vice President
Transportation and Emergency Preparedness
The Chlorine Institute, Washington DC

“When you love what you do, you can 'do' anything! That pretty much describes how Andy goes about his work and his clients win big time! His creative streak runs deep, and he has personally acquired the knowledge and skills to handle virtually any aspect of media production. Whether he's behind the camera lens, writing the script, designing the graphics, lining up the shots, or working with talent, he brings unmatched enthusiasm and quality service to every project. For my part, I love the fact that he works collaboratively; trusting my professional capabilites and accepting of input. Lots of years and lots of projects later... I'd follow him anywhere!”

Debra Stamp, Owner
Debra Stamp Productions
Wake Forest, NC

“Andy is a true talent in the field of graphics and animation. He has the ability to take an idea that you vocalize to him and make it better than you imagined. He excels in suggesting elements that will take a project to the next level. The true talent he has is that he can back up his words by executing a fantastic animation or production.”

Christopher Grosso, Owner
Take Two Visual Media
Syracuse, NY

"Loved it! It is very inspiring and very positively received by many. Thanks so very much."

Dr. Cynthia Stotts, Chief of Staff
LAC+USC Healthcare Network, Los Angeles, CA

"We've had the privilege of working with Andy on several product videos over the past few years. The end results continue to amaze us and always exceed our expectations. No matter challenges we throw his way, and there have been more than a few, Andy finds a creative solution to satisfy everyone. Andy's thoroughness and work ethic speak highly to his overall professionalism. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any project."

Kevin Jobsky, Marketing Coordinator
ICM Controls, Syracuse, NY

"I have worked with Andrew Johnson for the entire 8 years I have been at Raymour & Flanigan. Andrew is the best special effects creator with whom I have ever worked and I have repeatedly praised him for making our TV commercials better than I could have without his contributions. His work is truely worthy of our highest accolades."

Sam Yaksich, Creative Director
Raymour & Flanigan Furniture

"Andy’s attention to detail and willingness to deal with the insane deadlines of our industry make him an indispensable partner for EMA. We worked with Andy on some of our largest clients including Eastman Kodak, FedEx, Pass & Seymour and Carrier and even separated now by a good portion of the U.S. we will continue to utilize his skills because of the trusted and solid relationship that we have built."

James Henderson
Eric Mower and Associates

I have worked with Andy Johnson for over 10 years, and during that time he has proven that there are no jobs too challenging for his skill set. With every new project, Andy not only brings his vast experience with all of the latest cutting-edge software, but he also brings his innovative approach to projects and a keen sense of artistry. His flexibility with inevitable changes has made work with our clients that much easier. This combination of talents has made Andy a regular production partner on numerous projects with Notion Pictures, as well as a steadfast custodian of staying on time and on budget.

Peter Rafalow, President
Notion Pictures

"Andrew has been working with us practically since we opened our doors in [1997]. Our practice has grown from a small local clinic to a comprehensive, national-level center and I have always told Andrew that our success is due in large part to the extensive work he has developed for us. I see only great things ahead for our continued collaboration."

Dr. Robert Kiltz, Founder & Director
CNY Fertility Center

"I have had the pleasure of knowing Andy Johnson both personally and
professionally now for the past 9 years and can't say enough about the work
he and his company does. From on-site pre-production and planning through engaging state-of-the-artvisual production, Andy has always been thorough, professional in the most extreme manner and an possesses an uncanny knack for detail. I would highly recommend Andy Johnson for most any creative or marketing project imaginable by you or your clients."

Steve Luczka, Senior Project Manager/ Creative Supervisor
Rway Communications

"His mind is a wonderful contribution to our creative needs...We have entrusted Andy to deliver high end workmanship on a number of our most coveted accounts... He also understands the demands of the Advertising business, adhering to deadlines in our production schedules, through work-in-progress, client presentation, right up to product delivery. If you have the chance to hire this gun, consider yourself lucky to be working with Andy Johnson."

Sam Bregande, Executive Creative Director
Latorra, Paul & McCann Advertising

"THANK YOU for all of your help with the videos for the Dairylea Annual Meeting!!! With attendees from the largest consumer dairy brands worldwide, quality is of the utmost importance. For the third year in a row, you've provided nothing but just that -- high-quality, first class work. As fellow creatives, it's awesome to work with someone so knowledgeable. You can ALWAYS take our files and work magic with them; helping us to actually reach the "look and feel" we were shooting for. AND all of that on those crazy deadlines with a smile. Be ready for next year, because you'll DEFINITELY be receiving a call from 3rdkynd!"

David Johnson, President / Co-Creative Director
3rdkynd, Inc

"iMed Design has been designing and producing our major promotional materials for several years. iMed Design's long-term collaboration with us has definitely raised the bar and helped increase our professional visibility. Andrew came to us via word-of-mouth and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing promotional and educational materials produced in a compassionate, professional and effective manner."

Dr. James Kondrup, Founder
Binghamton Gynecology and Fertility

"On very short notice, iMed Design helped us pull together a very cool, very polished corporate branding video for the annual sales meeting of our biggest client. Actually, Andy and his team have done quite a few projects for us, but that's the one I remember most. These folks are very easy to work with, and we've never been disappointed. Sorry for the cliches, but they're true! Feel free to email me if you have any questions about working with iMed Design."
Kim Parr Trapasso
Creative Group Supervisor
Latorra, Paul & McCann Advertising

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